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1MW Grid Solar Power Plant

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High Module Conversion Effiiency

Product Details :

Benefits of Solar Power

Now is a great time to go solar and harvest the power of the sun. Here is our top ten list of the benefits to installing solar power:
--When installed, solar energy is free – no resources are consumed
--Help to lessen our dependence on heavily polluting coal power stations
--Fossil fuels can't last forever, future generations will appreciate the effort
--You are gaining energy independence - add battery backup power for even greater energy security
--The cost of electricity is only going to rise – insure against that rising cost
--Quality solar power and water adds value and appeal to your home
--Solar PV systems are easily upgraded in future - aim to make your house a net energy producer!
--Solar panels offer a long lifetime of low maintenance service, maybe 30-40 years
--Your friends will think you're great!
--You'll feel great for doing your bit for the environment!


System Features
--High Module Conversion Effiiency
--Fast and inexpensive mounting
--100% EL testing on every modules
--Guarantee positive output tolerance ( 0+3% )
--Withstand high wind and Snow Loads
Excellent performance in low light environments

System Parameter



Above solar energy system configuration is for reference. It can be adjusted based on actual condition and requirement.
All parts have been tested and proven in actual operation with enough reliability and stability. It’s suggested to source whole system as a pack from us to guarantee the system compatibility.


1. Power output data is based on areas with daily average peak power sunshine of 5hrs.
2. The battery capacity is designed for power storage of 1.5~2 days PV output.
3. Mounting racks can be specially designed based on site condition.

System Warranty
Solar Modules: performance is guaranteed with 25 years.
A. 25 years transferrable power output warranty: 10 years/ 95%, 15 years/ 90%, 25 years/ 80%.
B. 10 years material and workmanship warranty.
Solar inverters: 10 year, free life-time repairing service on components.
Solar mounting kits: 10 years.
Other components: 5 years.