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200KWH lifepo4 battery solar energy storage system ESS200KWH

Catelogue: Cabinet ESS


1.Smart on/off grid switch functions
2.10 year warranty
3.Long cycle safe li-ion battery
4.Integrate of solar generating and energy storage
5.UPS functions

Product Details :


200KWH intelligent in one smart on-off grid system storage battery GSL-ESS200KWH


For commercial buildings such as schools, factories and petrol stations that require higher energy demand, solar PV system with battery storage can enable business to maximise their energy independence and reduce peak power demand; For business without solar PV system, battery storage can enable business to store energy from the grid at off peak price and use at peak time.

GSL ENERGY ESS200kwh provides one-stop solutions for commercial and industrial facilities to reduce your electricity bill, protect your business from rising energy expenses; generate stable revenue from renewable energy production and subsidies; and ultimately reduce carbon footprint.

Product Description
The system is simple, practical, convenient and flexible. 

It is composed by the mainframe and solar battery components. The mainframe integrates GSL ENERGY lithium battery pack, inverter, controller and so on. 

The solar battery components consist of solar panel, solar battery bracket and cable box etc. 

In the daytime, the solar energy is stored in the lithium iron phosphate battery and then transformed into 400VAC alternating current through the inverter for the household appliances. The excess energy is stored in the lithium iron battery.

In dark or rainy days, the storage energy of battery will be converted into 400VAC alternating current by the inverter to supply the household appliances.

GSL ENERGY Advanced Technology

--Self-patented, unique topology

--Designed and manufactured by GSL ENERGY, guaranteeing the highest system compatibility.

--Advanced laboratory and equipment

--Multi applications and multiple operating modes

--Built-in high quality li-ion battery with self-developed BMS for ESS specially

--Innovative R&D team, follow up the market, ahead of trend

--200 experienced engineers guarantee the high quality


Household Solar Energy Storage System 

Model No.




Battery Capacity



Battery Type

Lithium Ion Battery

AC Charging

Input Voltage

400V AC

Power Factor

>0.95 (full load)

Input Frequency


Max Charge Power


Max Efficiency



Rated Output Power


Peak Output


Output Voltage


Output Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz

Overload Ability

120% < load < 130% @10min; 130% < load < 150% @10s

UPS Function


On/Off Grid

On & Off Grid

Max Efficiency

>92% (>70% Load)

PV Charge

Max Input Power


MPPT Input Voltage

100-500V DC

MPPT Amount


MPPT Input Voltage

100-500V DC

Max Input Voltage

500V DC

MPPT Efficiency


Max Efficiency


Solar Charging Mode



Working Condition

Relative humidity: 5%~90%

Temperature: 0~45

Production Dimension

 2*800*800*1900 mm

Packing Dimension

2* 860 x 860x 1050mm

Net Weight


Gross Weight

4250 kgs